About Us

At SHERI HIRSCHBERG FAMILY LAW, we pride ourselves in explaining the law to clients, since a fuller understanding of the law and process allows each client the opportunity to fully assess how they wish to proceed. We focus on how best to tell our client’s story to the Court. It is important to assess and identify the most important and relevant facts, and relay that information to the Court in a precise and efficient manner.

Sheri Hirschberg has over 20 years experience in Family Law, and has been recognized as a Certified Specialist in Family Law by the Law society of Upper Canada.


Our Team

Success isn’t the result of one individual’s effort, but that of a multitude of individuals working together. At Sheri Hirschberg Law, this is no different. We have assembled a skilled team of compassionate individuals who facilitate our mission of listening to our clients’ essential needs, building strong cases, and providing effective representation in Court.



Barrister & Solicitor

SHERI HIRSCHBERG | Barrister & Solicitor

Since I was called to the bar in 1990, I have practiced almost exclusively in Family Law and as such have been designated by the Law Society of Upper Canada a certified Family Law specialist.

My experiences and training have allowed me to lead my clients through some of the biggest challenges of their lives, whether they be divorce, child custody and protection, domestic violence issues, or property division and settlement (to name a few).

I am firmly engaged in my community, providing education for law students, serving as a board member of my local legal aid clinic, and publishing an article on Family Law issues for the Ontario Bar Association.


Law Clerk


Mariette is a law clerk with nearly ten years’ of experience in Family Law. She is a proud and dedicated member of Sheri Hirschberg’s team, believing strongly in Ms. Hirschberg’s moral and honest approach.

Mariette says: “Ms. Hirschberg’s passion and dedication to the field is an inspiration that I work hard to emulate to ensure the satisfaction of all of our clients.”



Junior Counsel

THILINI PERERA | Junior Counsel

My legal career began at Sheri Hirschberg Family Law first as a student intern, and then as a student-at-law.  During my years here I have gained valuable experience and knowledge about the intricacies of family law and child protection matters.

After being called to the Ontario Bar in June of 2015, I began working as junior counsel at this firm.  I intend to continue to use the knowledge and experience I have gained during my years at this firm to better serve our clients and the community at large.

While family and child protection law often presents unique legal questions and challenges, I enjoy working and connecting with our clients to try and guide them through what is usually a very difficult period in their life.