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Even though I’m a family law lawyer and spend most of my days helping people untangle their lives with their significant other, I think at heart I’m still a romantic.A bit surprising? Maybe. I enjoy watching young couples hold hands, I relish reading engagement notices and I like attending weddings; I glory in the future potential it speaks to. I love to see the hope they have for a happy future together, while it’s all still new and fresh. Not every couple will be blessed with a trouble free future and not every couple will be able to manage the troubles and complications life may throw their way. Some of the troubles we may be able to anticipate and some not, some can be averted and some solved – and some of these happy couples will survive and thrive and some not – but still there is an immense pleasure to enjoy the moment and share with them in their hope for in the future. Now at the beginning of the year – when the coming year has yet to disclose the good and the bad – I wish we could all take a moment and relish in the hope for the future.

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